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 is an online DVD rental service offering subscribers unlimited DVD rentals for only £14.99 a month. With 24/7 online ordering, free delivery and returns, no due dates and no late fees, is reinventing the way we watch DVDs in the UK. Each subscriber keeps a revolving library of three DVDs, which can be exchanged as often as the subscriber wishes.  The online service offered by not only offers a far wider selection than the traditional model but also offers the consumer greater convenience and value.

With more than 15,000 titles available, it now has the largest collection of movies (and programs released on DVD) in Europe and it's library is constantly growing! So if you are looking for action, art house, foreign, comedy or any other movie genres and it has been released on DVD, they will always have what you are looking for. has also launched the ‘Screenselect Selection Pledge.’ If any subscriber discovers a title that is available on DVD in the UK and not offered by, the DVD will be bought and that subscriber will be the first to rent it.

Research commissioned by shows that 59% of DVD owners have been frustrated by the limited selection of titles available at video rental stores. According to managing director William Reeve, “our mission is quite simply to transform the awkward experience of high street rental which includes turning up at your local video rental store and finding nothing to watch.

“From art house films and classics to the latest releases and popular TV shows, we really do have something for everyone.  We are confident that we now offer practically every DVD title available in the UK.” was founded by William Reeve and Alex Chesterman who felt that the UK video rental industry needed to be “amazoned,” so they enlisted the backing and expertise of founder, Dr Simon Murdoch.  A number of key founding staff members from have also joined the team.

Simon Murdoch has a first class degree from Cambridge University and a PhD in Computer Science. In 1996, Simon founded Bookpages to sell books on the Internet and sold the company in early 1998 to Simon subsequently became Managing Director of, launching the service in October 1998 and was appointed VP Europe for Simon then co-founded Episode 1 Partners, a venture capital firm managing the $100m Chase Episode 1 fund, which invested in early stage Internet and technology companies. Simon has been a successful early stage technology investor and is considered one of the UK’s leading Internet entrepreneurs. has based its service on one pioneered successfully by US company Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq – NFLX / ), a company which now has 5.5% of the American DVD rental market and a subscriber base of over 1.2 million. 

According to Simon Murdoch, “We’re very confident that the service can be successfully replicated in the UK, since we have got comparable DVD penetration rates and similar consumption patterns for filmed entertainment.  It may in fact be an even better as we can reach practically every UK household overnight, delivering DVDs promptly.”  

“In addition to eliminating late trips to the video store, frantic runs to avoid late fees, queuing or hassle to find a movie, can also save subscribers money. Renting two DVDs a week from a video store will generally cost you at least £24 a month.  As we have a flat fee, with, watching those same eight DVDs will be almost £10 cheaper.  Plus with the biggest selection of DVDs in the UK (currently 15.000+) we are more likely to have what customers want.”

How works...

For a fixed monthly fee of £14.99, subscribers get to keep a revolving library of three DVDs with no limit as to how long they can keep each one.  Once they have watched each title, they post it back in a pre paid envelope. As soon as it is received a new DVD from the subscriber’s wish list is dispatched.

  • Sign up online at .  Currently anyone who signs up benefits from a ten day, no obligation free trial during which they can watch DVDs for free 
  • Create your wish-list of DVDs, and indicate which titles you prefer to watch first 
  • posts you your first three titles, first class through the Royal Mail.  You have as long to watch these as you like – there are no late fees 
  • When you have finished watching a DVD, simply put it in the pre paid return envelope, and put it in the post 
  • You are then sent another title from your wish-list 
  • Based on DVDs you have watched and rated, puts together a personalised recommendation list for you. You can also submit a review on the site, telling other subscribers what you think of each film.
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