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    Cast Away 

    Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland and Helen Hunt as girlfriend Kelly Frears. 2000. 137 minutes.Video £15.99. DVD £24.99.

    This critically acclaimed action drama will be available to own on Universal video (RRP £15.99) and DVD (RRP £24.99) from 29 October, 2001. 

    Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Forest Gump and What Lies Beneath), Cast Away follows Fed-Ex employee Chuck's quest to survive both emotionally and physically on a deserted Island and ultimately, his dream to return home. 

    Tom Hanks is Casta AwayWhen his plane hits a storm and crashes into the sea, Fed-Ex systems engineer Chuck Noland (Hanks) finds himself alone on the deserted shores of a tropical Island. The sole survivor of the crash, Chuck must learn to fend for him self with only the Islands basic elements, a few washed up Fed-Ex packages and a picture of his fiancée Kelly (Hunt). 

    Four years on, Chuck has overcome the survival challenge: spear-fishing like an expert, lighting the perfect fire and turning slightly crazy. He has also gained a soul mate in the form of Wilson, a slightly battered volleyball washed ashore in the aftermath of the crash.

    Finally an opportunity arises for Chuck to try and get home. Setting sail on a wooden raft with a sail made from washed up material and his man Friday Wilson, Chuck sets off to return to the life and the woman he loves.

    Cast Away is an awe inspiring drama, which has received wide critical acclaim including Best Actor and Best Sound Academy nominations. Cast Away has also become a box office smash taking £15m in the UK alone. Tom Hanks gives a breath taking performance which, as well as Academy and BAFTA nominations, earned him the 2001 Golden Globe Best Actor Award. 

    DVD extras

    • Disc 1: Feature and directors commentary from Robert Zemeckis
    • Disc 2: Trailer A (2 mins)
    • Trailer B (2.27)
    • Making of Cast Away (27.36)
    • Interview with Tom Hanks (47.31)
    • Storyboard to Film Comparison (6.09)
    • On Location: The Island (13.150)
    • Documentary 1: S.T.O.P - Surviving as a Castaway (26.58)
    • Documentary 2: Wilson - Life and Death of a Hollywood Extra (13.12)
    • Focus on Technical Effects (8.15)

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