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    Joseph: King of Dreams 

    Video £14.99. DVD £17.99.

    From the makers of the Academy Awards winning box office hit, The Prince of Egypt, comes this all new animated epic.

    This full-length animated feature retells the classic story of a boy (voiced by Ben Affleck) with an extraordinary gift of seeing the future through his dreams.

    The colourful and lavish story of Joseph and his coat of many colours is the spell binding prequel to the Prince of Egypt. Born to a seemingly barren women, Joseph’s parents think he is a ‘miracle child’ sent by God for a special purpose. Growing up in a family of older brothers in Canaan, he was treated differently to his brothers. As they toiled in the fields, his father taught him how to read and write and his mother weaved a special coat of many colours for him to wear. 

    As Joseph grew up he started to have curious dreams - which appeared to reveal the future. Jealousy caused resentment between Joseph and his brothers and after he told his family of a dream where he was standing above them all, the brothers hatched a plot to sell their brother to an Egyptian slave merchant. 

    Torn from his parents and home, Joseph began work in an Egyptian house becoming the main assistant because of his sharp brain and educated ways. One night, the lady of the house came to Joseph but he refused her affections. Rejected, she had him cast from the family home and thrown into prison. 

    In prison, Joseph correctly interprets the dreams of two men. The news of Joseph’s skill spreads to the Pharaoh who asks him to explain a re-occurring dream.

    From the dream, Joseph reveals that for the next seven years, Egypt will be bountiful and grow good crops. Then will follow seven years of drought and decay, so severe, that it could signify the end of Egyptian civilisation.

    Pharaoh appoints Joseph and for seven years he plants and gathers the plentiful crops – as predicted, the crops fail, but Joseph has saved enough grain to feed all the families of Egypt.

    Desperate for food, his brothers come to Egypt to buy grain for their family. Hurt by their betrayal and unrecognisable to his brothers, Joseph refuses to help them – unless they can bring to him the youngest brother they claim to be at home with their father, keeping one brother in jail to guarantee their return.

    As they enter Egypt, Joseph is stunned by the appearance of a younger brother, born after he had been sold into slavery. Blinded by their apparent love for their younger sibling, Joseph hides a gold cup in the sack of grain given to the youngest son and – as they are leaving – reveals him to be a thief. 

    The brothers offer to take the place of the younger brother in prison rather than see their father suffer again – admitting how they betrayed their brother Joseph. Overwhelmed with forgiveness, Joseph unveils his true identity and is welcomed back into the family by his brothers.

    The film ends as Joseph welcomes his long lost father and brothers into his family home in Egypt.


    Miracle Child
    Written by David Pelfrey, performed by Maureen McGoven, Russell Bucharan & David Campbell
    Better Than I
    Written by David Pelfrey, performed by David Campbell
    Market Place
    Written by David Pelfrey, performed by Ensemble cast
    More Than You Take
    Written by David Pelfrey, performed by David Campbell & Jodi Benson
    Written by David Pelfrey, performed by Maureen McGoven


    Excellence in Media International Golden Angel
    Oppenheim Toy portfolio Platinum Award for Best Video
    Film Advisory Board Award for Excellence
    The Family Wonder Entertainment Awards Favourite Video of the Year
    Parent’s Choice Gold Award
    Video Business
    Video Premiere Awards Animated Video Premiere
    Original Song in a Video Premiere "Better Than I"
    Screenplay for Video Premiere 

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