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Video from Granada:

Soapstars: The Road To Emmerdale

Granada Video/VCI release on video this November Soapstars: The Road to Emmerdale, featuring a special made-for-video episode of Emmerdale starring the new family, plus ‘The Best of Soapstars’.

As the winners of ITV’s Soapstars join the cast of Emmerdale on Wednesday, 7 November, this special ‘prequel’ episode features the dramatic events leading up to the new family’s arrival on the award-winning soap.

The action centers around an eventful holiday in Blackpool where lovers Phil (Mark Jardine) and Maggie (Dee Whitehead) finally break the news of their affair to their families.  Emotions are high as their partners come to terms with the news, and children Jess (Ruth Abram), Craig (Jason Hain) and Lucy (Elspeth Brodie) prepare themselves for their new lives in Emmerdale.

A fascinating insight into how the characters came to be living at the holiday village, the video also includes The Best of Soapstars featuring memorable moments from the audition process plus highlights from the final episode where the five budding actors discovered their dreams had come true.

A blend of drama and documentary, this video is essential viewing for any fan of Emmerdale or Soapstars.

The prequel episode featured on Soapstars: The Road to Emmerdale is a Yorkshire Television production for Granada Video/VCI, written by Karin Young, produced by Timothy J Fee and directed by Tim Dowd.  Also starring Tanya Myers as Anne-Marie and Brian Cowan as Dominic.

Release date: 12 Nov 2001 
Cat No: GV0402 
Price: £14.99 

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