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DVD and Video from Facets Video:

    The Steamroller and the Violin 

    A lost masterwork from the legendary director of Andrei Rublev, Solaris, and The Mirror

    Facets Video will release The Steamroller and the Violin, a lost masterwork from legendary director Andrei Tarkovsky, on DVD and VHS on June 11, 2002. DVDs and VHS tapes will retail at $24.95 each.

    The astonishing discovery of 28-year-old Andrei Tarkovsky’s diploma film The Steamroller and the Violin is a revelation. At the centre of the film is the unlikely friendship between Sasha, a young boy who loves to play the violin, and Sergey, the macho driver of a steamroller. The film sidesteps sentimentality to give us a warm yet ironic look at two individuals who bridge differences in generations to form a powerful bond.

    Available here for the first time, The Steamroller and the Violin features a brilliantly natural performance from the young Igor Fomchenko, in a film that is memorable and deeply affecting – a re-discovered gem that strikes close to the heart.

    The Steamroller and the Violin is presented in a full-screen transfer rescued from the Russian archives. The DVD features include a Tarkovsky biography, and a Tarkovsky filmography.

    KATOK I SKRIPKA. With Igor Fomchenko, V. Zamansky, and N. Arhangelskaya. Written by Andrei Konchalovsky and Andrei Tarkovsky, from a story by S. Bakhmetyeva. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. Camera Operator: Vadim Yusov. Sound: V. Krachkovski. Production Designer: S. Agoyan. Production Director: A. Karetin. Original music: V. Ovchinnikov. Film editing: L. Butuzovoy. Produced by United Literature of Children’s Films Production.

    Russian with English subtitles.
    1960 / U.S.S.R. / color / 43 mins. © Mosfilm 1960.
    DVD: $24.95
    Catalog# DV67514 - UPC# 736899040222 - ISBN# 1565803124
    VHS: $24.95
    Catalog# 42968 - UPC# 736899855536 - ISBN# 1565803116

    The release of The Steamroller and the Violin continues Facets' commitment to Russian cinema. The Steamroller and the Violin joins such other Russian films on the Facets Video Label as We Are Going To America (directed by Efim Gribov), Outskirts (directed by Peter Lutsik), and Out of the Present (directed by Andrei Ujica), as well as three Communist Musicals directed by Grigori Alexandrov, four films about Stalinism directed by Semeon Aranovich, and three late- and post-Soviet films directed by Boris Frumin.

    Coming soon on the Facets Video Label: We Are Going To America (VHS, street date: April 23, 2002); Keep Your Right Up!, directed by and starring Jean-Luc Godard (DVD and VHS, street date: May 14, 2002); True Life video stories (DVD, street date: July 2, 2002); films from Rakhshan Bani-Etemad (street date: August 13, 2002); and films from Jan Nemec, James Fotopoulos, and Amos Gitai.

    Facets Multimedia is the world’s unique, largest collection of foreign, classic American, independent, experimental, documentary, cult, fine arts, and quality children's videos and laser discs. Through extensive national marketing to consumer, institutional, and retail markets, Facets is a primary source of films on video, laser disc, and DVD. The Facets collection represents over 50,000 individual titles.

    For more information go to:

    The Steamroller and the Violin
    Preorder Date: May 28, 2002
    Street Date: June 11, 2002

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