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    The Book That Wrote Itself

    Released on June 3rd 2002 on Video and DVD in the UK 

    The Book That Wrote Itself will be available to rent and buy on Video and DVD in the UK from 03 June 2002 in all rental and retail outlets. The film was released theatrically in the UK in October 2001. The video and DVD has a 15 classification from the BBFC.

    The DVD for The Book That Wrote Itself will have special features which include: production notes, cast and filmmakers biographies, celebrity cameo menu, photo gallery, mythology section, website link and the award winning short film Fortune; by Liam O Mochain. 

    The Book That Wrote Itself is a first in movie history, it's got Hollywood stars playing cameo roles - without their knowledge or without needing their permission. The stars include George Clooney, Kenneth Branagh, Melanie Griffith, Chazz Palminteri, Bryan Singer, Warren Beatty, Annette Benning and Robert DeNiro. The filmmakers were able to use the cameos by the stars as their contribution was made while they were publicising their public image, which is deemed public domain and is not an infringement of their personal life or their image. 

    The Book That Wrote Itself is about Vincent Macken (Liam O' Mochain), who has written what he thinks is the best post modern novel ever. His novel 'The Daughter of Conn', is a Celtic quest saga set somewhere in Ireland 200 years ago or thereabouts. 

    When Vincent over hears literary agents at a book fair ridiculing his masterpiece, he vows to prove his detractors wrong. He hires Aisling Arrigan (Antoinette Guiney) an aspiring filmmaker, to document his novel on video. The novel takes on a life of its own as she is more interested in making a documentary about him. The struggle begins. Vincent finally decides that what he has created has the potential for a hit movie. He goes to the Venice film festival, blags a press pass and tries to convince Hollywood stars to come to Ireland and take part in his forthcoming movie, 'The Daughter of Conn'. The result is not quite what he expected. 

    The Book That Wrote Itself is a 71 minute independent feature film from Ireland that is fast becoming an international cult hit. The film has screened at over 19 international film festivals in 12 countries, including the Vancouver International Film Festival and Local Heroes Film festival in Canada; Seattle, Boston, Arizona and Austin Film Festivals in US; Raindance, Cambridge and Bradford Film festivals in the UK; Oslo Film festival in Norway; Mar del Plata in Argentina; Durban Film Festival in South Africa; Britspotting film festival in Germany; Cannes film festival in France and the Cork and Galway film festivals in Ireland. 

    The film was written and directed by Liam O' Mochain and produced by Siar A Rachas Muid Productions Ltd. with funding provided by Profit Share Investors, sponsorship and the Irish Film Board. The Book That Wrote Itself has picked up three international awards, including the Lodgers Award for best film at the Austin Film Festival. 

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