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We welcome reviews from our readers that offer alternative views or viewpoints, and we will include reviews of old and classic films. 
See our features page for general or thematic coverage of films you might be interested in, we also recommend some links to sites that are likely to help your search for reviews. 
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The latest reviews from the Guardian Unlimited are listed here. 

Minor Mishaps
Philip French: The characters are a little tiresome, but not dislikable, and the events predictable, tending to contradict Tolstoy's dictum about unhappy families
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Philip French:'s a poorly drilled parade of clichés familiar from pictures about force-of-life immigrants running ethnic restaurants
New Guy
Philip French: ...incoherent and entirely unfunny
Road to Perdition
Philip French: This is all familiar stuff... But Mendes and the veteran cinematographer Conrad Hall, who has a special eye for the infinite sadness of the America landscape, make it all new, if self-consciously so
Philip French: A tapestry of loose ends, the movie is, in effect, a teenage reworking of Fatal Attraction with the added frisson that Christensen, the crazed femme fatale, played Michael Douglas's wayward daughter in Traffic
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