Directed by Tom Shadyac. USA. 2003.

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Like ink waiting threateningly on the tip of a schoolboy’s ruler, Jim Carrey is set to return as Class Clown of Hollywood High once again. His latest comic offering sees him playing Bruce Nolan, a news presenter with serious pass the buck issues, who is bestowed with the powers of God. Initially Bruce welcomes his new ability but soon enough finds it to be a personal and moral burden.

In a summer full of robots from the future and big green monsters, Bruce Almighty is refreshing in that it only ever uses one special effect- Jim Carrey. Whilst being the marmite of all actors (you either love him or hate him) Carrey remains undeniably unique, bringing an outrageously rubbery face and bendy body to the role as only he can. Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman lend decent support to Carrey, but this is his film, from the hugely funny start to the over-syrupy ending.

Bruce Almighty is a light-hearted film that will appeal to all ages and, despite such potentially blasphemous content, it remains entirely inoffensive. The film does struggle with the ending (a problem the director, Tom Shadyac, also had with Liar Liar), but never-the-less the film remains hugely enjoyable.

Aaron Asadi
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