Directed by Christopher Smith. UK. 2005.

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If you're looking for an unadulterated gore-fest, replete with slithering rats, dark, eerie tunnels, crazy freaks who won't leave you alone and enough shocks and scares to last you a lifetime... just hop on the London Underground. If you're looking for all the above plus large dollops of nausea, boredom and faulty plotting, then watch Creep.

Creep is a schlocky little genre movie that thinks it's more psychological than downright bloody. And it is wrong. Although Creep starts off as an unnerving and, yes, creeeeepy (finding yourself alone on the tube in the middle of the night is enough to scare the bejesus out of pretty much anyone) film, it inevitably escalates (or nose-dives) into a no-holds-barred slasher movie of the highest proportions.

Franka Potente is Kate, the, erm, heroine whom we don't really like all that much but will tolerate her irritating and overtly slutty acting for the sake of what we hope will be a chilling little flick. During her nightmarish journey though the harrowing labyrinths of the bowels of London she comes across various other characters who keep up the pace but once again, aren't particularly eye-catching and we'd just as soon forget them as we would care
about them.

Anyway, there's this 'monster' chasing Kate and almost halfway through the film, all suspense, tension, anxiety and creeeepiness is gone, leaving only the foulness, grossness and undeniable hilariousness to ensue as Kate flaps about, screaming and wailing.

Overall, Creep could have been a lot worse. There are several moments of edge-of-the-seat apprehension, rather many disquieting images and at least one actually shocking moment. However, Creep could also have been a LOT better. London's Underground has so much to offer the world of horror. Perhaps also the infusion of some character depth or a decent storyline would have helped. And in these sorts of film, Mr Writer/Director (Christopher Smith), no-one gives a monkey about social comments. They just want to be freaked the hell out.

Shari Last
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