Directed by D J Caruso. US. 2008.

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Jerry Shaw (Lebouf) ponders through life with dead end jobs and no prospects.

But after returning home from the funeral of the ill timed death of his war hero twin brother jerry discovers his apartment filled with boxes of weapons, fake passports, explosives and a $751,000,000 bank account.

Suddenly when a mysterious women calls & tells him to run as the feds are approaching he panics and is then thrust together with downtrodden single mum Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) who are given directions and instructions and guided across America for reason that make no sense.

They are pursued in a cat & mouse style chase by agent Morgan (Thornton) who believes them to be linked to a terrorist network.

Director DJ Caruso & Shia Lebouf have previously worked together on the 2007 paranoia film a reworking of Hitchcock’s classic rear window.

Now it seems another reworking a kind of up-to-date techno paranoia version of North by North West.

Hollywood’s hot property Shia Lebouf is very likable as jerry Shaw and is becoming a real action hero on screen, who seems to be shedding the boy image and becoming a real Hollywood contender, As like M13 star Michelle Monaghan who plays single mum Rachel very well as you can sense her desperation, panic and anguish which gives this at times unbelievable story line a believable quality.

There is also a strong performance from academy award winner Thornton who plays frustrated FBI agent Morgan.

Eagle Eye is a clever techno thriller with well directed non stop spectacular action sequences in which director Caruso uses the camera brilliantly with a kind of ‘big brothers watching you’ frenzy a little over complicated and unbelievable at times but so what.

Verdict- a clever fast paced complex techno paranoia thriller that will keep you on you toes.
Danny Parker

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