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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind really is an affair to remember. You may be thinking that because it stars Jim Carrey then this film is either a laugh-a-minute or a complete stinker – both of these theories are miles from the truth. Carrey plays a role like none he has done before; possibly his best to date. Eternal Sunshine can be classed as a romantic comedy, but it is not your typical boy-meets-girl story. This is a love story with a difference. It is so unpredictable that by the time the opening credits have finished rolling your head will be spinning. 

Carrey plays Joel, a shy, close-mouthed singleton. His life isn’t that interesting – until he meets Clementine (Winslet). She is his complete opposite – foul mouthed, bad tempered and impulsive. Joel and Clementine are in a seemingly happy relationship, until one day Joel visits Clementine at work and finds that she has no idea who he is. It turns out that after a two year relationship, she decided to have him erased from her memory. To get back at her, Joel pays a visit to the aptly named Lacuna Inc to do a little memory erasing of his own. 

Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Michel Gondry have really outdone themselves with this film. Lately romantic comedies have become repetitive and predictable which is why this film is so fresh and exciting. It isn’t simple and doesn’t follow the regular formula. The originality of this beautiful story will blow you away. It is no wonder, therefore, that Eternal Sunshine was such a successful film – it even out-grossed Kaufman’s previous films, Adaptation and Being John Malkovich. 

The film is told in a different way to your usual love story and even questions people’s different takes on reality. It is surreal but at the same time believable. Most of the film takes place over one night in Joel’s head. We are shown the story of Joel and Clementine’s romance via Joel’s memory as it is being erased, starting with the most recent memories and working backwards to the day they met. The way the memories are shown and how they are erased is very innovative, especially as it doesn’t use any high tech special effects. It is all done through camera work. That is what makes Gondry so different to other directors – he is creative and doesn’t opt or computers when he can do something himself. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a romantic comedy for anyone with a past they’d rather forget. It shows that you can’t forget everything and you can’t help who you fall in love with - some people are just meant to be together.

Emma Farley
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