Directed by Ivan Reitman. USA. 2001.

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Evolution - if you'll excuse the pun - doesn't hang around. From the moment the pivotal meteorite hits the Arizona desert, the laughs follow fast and furiously behind, along with some fantastic CGI effects to really get your teeth into. The cast may not be the strongest in the business, but seem to love making fools out of themselves, which is refreshingly quirky and carried off extremely well. Leave your political hangups at the door and Evolution's tongue-in-cheek charm will have you laughing out loud and forgiving the odd mis-fired joke: anyone not even slightly amused is seriously missing the point.  Reitman has his viewers warm to his unlikely bunch of heroes without being sentimental, and it is his 'throwaway' approach which makes you want these protagonists to be successful. Although the plot evolves fairly clumsily and the ridiculous trail of events must be excused, there is an abundance of eye candy in the form of strange and viscious creatures, and what must be the best use of product placement in a film, ever! Evolution may not leave an immortal impression but, in a survival of the fittest, would at least go out laughing.

Amy Johnson
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