Directed by Rob Zombie. 2007.

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This anticipated remake of the 1978 John Carpenter classic, made me expect an idiotic, overdone, exaggerated version of the first, how wrong was I?. This is just as spectacular as the first, with twice the blood and a fantastic insight into the beginnings of this monster.

In contrast to the first it is not only the sexually active teens that quite literally get the chop but an whole array of characters that ‘just got in the way ’. Primarily it’s the strength of Myers that kills off the characters and not his kitchen knife, and the reason for his psychotic behaviour begins with the treatment he receives from his father who mentally abuses him. 

As in all the Halloween films previously made, he is not just an inhumane character whose superpowers help him deflect knife wounds and being stabbed with a clothes hanger, it is in fact his mental strength that keeps him alive in this remake, and it begins with the murders of his father, older sister and her boyfriend. This film creates a feeling of sorrow in favour of Myers as we see a real insight into his mind, watching him searching for his younger sister who was just a baby when he first murdered the rest of his family. Its in fact quite touching. A superb film and a real horror unlike the others that are currently being made. A true classic.

Louise Causon 
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