Directed by Chris Terrio. US. 2005.

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Written by Amy Fox based on her own Broadway play, ‘Heights’ tells the story of five individuals whose lives are entwined on one New York day. Prinicpally, Diana (Glenn Close) is giving a class at Juillard on the day of her birthday; she has a daughter Isabel (Elizabeth Banks) who is a photographer who is engaged to Jonathon (James Marsden) a lawyer. Alec (Jesse Bradford) is a young actor who is auditioning for a play to be directed by Diana.  All the action revolves around Peter (John Light) a British reporter who is doing a piece on a famous photographer Benjamin Stone, for whom it turned out Jonathon posed for and subsequently had a sexual relationship with.  This puts a dampener on that engagement and so the complexities and difficulties of modern day relationships in American society, especially such a big city as New York. But we have seen films like this before in many guises, done better than this of course but also done worse than this; the cast should be credited for giving it their all you can tell the film was shot over a short span of time - but have we not seen too many of these multi-strand plots but I am surprised such a play existed in this form.  The expansion of more characters extended its scope but overall the message has been lost - you do not know everything about the people you think you know, but as Alec says on an answer phone message, ‘It’s a small fucking world’. 

Jamie Garwood

Jamie Garwood
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