Directed by Anthony Byrne. Ireland. 2007.

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The press release for this Christmas themed DVD tells us that:

Vanessa Redgrave, Imelda Staunton, Brenda Fricker, Joss Ackland and Hayley Atwell head the star studded cast of the comedy drama ‘How About You’ which is released by High Fliers on rental and retail DVD on 8 November 2010.

Directed by Anthony Byrne and based on a short story by the author Maeve Binchy, ‘How About You’ is the tale of wild Irish rose Ellie (Hayley Atwell) , a young woman left in charge over Christmas of the Woodlands residential home which is owned by her older sister.  

While most of the residents have left to spend the festive period with their families, four holy terrors known as the Hard Core remain.

Georgia Platts (Vanessa Redgrave) is a former showgirl who wears a turban and gives imperious directions on how to mix the martinis to which she is so avidly addicted.

Donald Vanston (Joss Ackland) is a widower and retired judge who demands that his breakfast is served at 5.30am, two-and-a-half hours ahead of when he should be getting it.

Heather and Hazel Nightingale (Brenda Fricker and Imelda Staunton) are bickering spinster sisters who are continually at each other’s throats as they recycle old family grievances.

The Hard Core have become so impossible to live with because of their rude and objectionable behaviour that Woodlands faces closure as potential new residents are put off by their appalling antics.

At first, Ellie would appear to be no match for them but when she’s pushed to the very limits she decides to take them on, eventually beating them at their own game and even managing to show them the error of their ways.

However, with ultimate peace and harmony depending on the success of her proposed Christmas dinner, Ellie also discovers that the Hard Core are changing her too in quite an unexpected way.

‘How About You’ has a run time of 87  minutes, a 15 certificate and a recommended retail price of £12.99.  Catalogue number is HFR0110.

Nigel Watson
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