Directed by Simon West. USA. 2001.

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Tomb Raider.Lara Croft: Tomb Raider may be the natural conclusion to the success of the computer game but it would seem Lady Lara has run out of firepower. A great opening scene, strong soundtrack, tense action, interesting locations and good special effects make for a potentially great summer blockbuster, but Tomb Raider is a huge misfire. The villains are spineless, there is a distinct lack of humour about the whole affair, and whilst there are hints at sexual tension, it  goes rather limp half way through and never recovers. In short, this is an appaulingly tedious journey which rarely hits the spot satisfactorily. Whilst Jolie is a refreshingly impressive female hero with an outstanding strength on screen, she only serves to highlight the fruitless padding and redundant storylines which are laboured throughout. West could have at least  tried to do a great version of a traditional formula than a terrible attempt at something new, which, although would leave little but a film version of the computer game, may have been easier to follow and worth caring about.

Amy Johnson

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