Directed by Joseph Kahn. USA. 2004.

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What better then a hip movie about suped up motorbikes one might ask? From the producer of The Fast and the Furious even better, one might add. But how wrong could I be? Well lets just say I'm not a happy movie-goer, from the first point of dialogue it becomes very clear that Torque is going to be a dreadfully long movie.

Predictably, the storyline follows the same regurgitated yarn of previous motor-infused adrenalin movies, but unfortunately it breaks no new ground. 

The film follows the troubled predicament of nice guy biker, Ford (Henderson) who returns home to win back his girlfriend’s heart and stitch up drug dealer and motorbike ringleader, Henry (Schulze) whilst avoiding the FBI. However, things don’t go according to plan as Henry frames Ford for the murder of fellow, motorbike gang leader Trey’s (Ice Cube) little brother. As a result, Ford and his trusty sidekicks have to out speed and outsmart their pursuers if they want to live to ride another day. Queue fast motorbike/car chases, explosions and fight scenes. Sadly these scenes were uninspiring although, for a split second I did think the train scene would be inventive and original but alas, it was an anti-climax. Although it does leave you wondering whether or not a supped up motorbike can really out travel a speeding train? Again, the grand finale was also a disappointment, mainly because visually there was too much going on making it difficult to fully enjoy. Although, the chick on bitch fight scene was entertaining as I was just waiting for the psycho to get what she deserved. Finally and unsurprisingly, the film is neatly wrapped up with our hero riding off to start a new life in Mexico, but let us all hope it has been wrapped up so tightly it is impossible to make a bad sequel. 

Personally I expected much better, not only is the movie lifeless and humourless but even the soundtrack is boring. Something I find unusual as both The Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious had me dancing in my seat. But I guess that's just another reason why Torque is only showing in selected cinemas...Perhaps this was another indication that I should have known better.

Samantha Ramanah
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