Directed by Thom Fitzgerald. Canada. 2002.

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A not-so-comprehensive review by Jen Johnston

At the Atlantic Film Festival I had the good fortune to screen a number of films not yet commercially released. I had that luck based on a promise that I wouldnít fully review those features until their release dates. My complete reviews will be posted at that time, but until then I can provide you with paragraph descriptions of those movies. Here is my first entry....

The Wild Dogs is a unique take on the standard morality tale, following the lives of a Romanian dogcatcher, a Nova Scotian pornographer, a dying politician, and his wife. Through the film they all go through a number of devastating events, and the social commentary is as direct and brutal as Iíve ever seen, but itís rather difficult to focus on the story because of the INCREDIBLE number of naked people on the screen at any given time. Not to mention the mental puzzle of attempting to figure out what the wild dogs are actually supposed to symbolize.....

Release Date: October 2002.

Jen Johnston
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