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Perific Wireless Dual Mouse is a new type of personal computer mouse that offers greater variation and flexibility for computer users and can be used both off and on desk.

At first sight it looks just like a traditional wireless mouse, and works almost like one too.  But it can be used in a greater variety of ways.  The trackball next to the mouse buttons is a clear sign of increased flexibility.  By removing the casing from the mouse, a range of new possibilities emerge – the mouse can be held by two hands in your lap, or be attached to the hand while typing on the keyboard.

Around 1.1 million people in Great Britain suffer from repetitive strain injury (RSI) caused or made worse by computer work, costing the UK industry more than 5 billion annually and contributing to 5.4 million working days were lost in sick leave. In the US, the independent research firm Office Organix conducted a national study across America  which showed that 18 million computer workers were at "significant risk" of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). More than half those surveyed used the mouse in the wrong body position, contributing to 62.6 percent of respondents who reported wrist pains. It was also revealed that a significant percentage of computer users still clutched their mouse, even when it wasn't in use.

Herman Bynke, Hela Managing Director said:

“Many users spend a lot of time and effort to find the optimal working position at the computer.  The fact is that we are better off changing our position and good ergonomics is all about constantly varying the way we work.  The knowledge around variation and good ergonomics is the foundation behind the product development. The Perific products are user friendly, literarily.  A mouse has to be very easy to use and not require the user to change or use strange ways of working.” 
An important difference between the Perific mouse and most other ergonomic computer devices is that it can also be used as a normal mouse.  It obviously uses “Plug and Play” technology and is immediately compatible with both Windows and Mac, without any specific drivers.  Perific has designed the mouse together with the renowned design firm No Picnic, which brings extensive experience in designing consumer electronics. Another very practical feature with the Perific mouse is that it can be used while recharging its batteries by connecting the mouse to a small cord from the base unit, which is the connected via USB to the computer.

Hela Corporate Wellbeing is the UK supplier of the new mouse, which has been developed for more than three years by the Swedish company Perific.  The Wireless Dual Mouse is the first product made available and looking ahead there are likely to be more ergonomic computer accessories made available from Perific.  According to recent studies in the UK over 1 million computer users are suffering from computer related health problems.  The demand for well-designed ergonomic workspaces using the appropriate equipment is growing, and a largely untapped market.

Facts about Perific Wireless Dual Mouse

  • Works as a regular wireless mouse on the desk
  • Can be used off desk – using one or two hands
  • Works with both Windows and Mac. No drivers required.
  • Can be resized to fit users hand size.
  • Trackball and dual pairs of right and left side click buttons
  • Wireless connection (27MHz) with range of approx. 1.5 meter
  • Base unit with USB connection
  • Charging via USB. Mouse is conveniently used during charging.
  • Works approximately one week with batteries. Charging time approx 5 hours.
  • System requirements: Windows 98 2nd edition or later. Mac OS 8.6 or later. 


Perific Wireless Dual Mouse is available immediately in the UK. Approximate retail price is £100 - £120 excl VAT.  For a list of distributors and sales outlets visit
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