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Animation Students Win Major Awards
Andrzej Wajda     Alan Pavelin pays tribute to this neglected Polish director 
Breathtaking Animation
Don't Flush Your Fish Campaign launched at premiere of Finding Nemo in UK
Chris Wedge talks about Robots   The director discusses Robots, Ice Age and his Blue Sky Studios

Art House and Film Festivals
                      International Film Festival 2003. Golden Kinnaree
                      Award.Atlantic Film Festival 2002
Arnie In the Flesh Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Leicester Square premiere of T3
Alexander Walker The career of this British film critic is reviewed by Jaap Mees
Bangkok International Film Festival 2003
Bangkok International Film Festival 2004
Blackworld The British Film Institute's 2005 initiative to promote Black culture
Louis Bunuel - Religion, Sex and Politics by Shaun McDonald NEW!
Quality Cinema - Greenwich Picturehouse Talking Pictures enjoyed this fantastic new venue. 
25th Cambridge Film Festival 2005     Jamie Garwood reviews this event
Edinburgh Film Festival 2005    Jamie Garwood reviews the latest films
The Sense and Sensationalism of Film Festivals
Robert Bresson Alan Pavelin reviews Bresson's career
Gravesend Cinema Campaign Fiona Pownall wants a cinema in her local town 
The Great Dane: Carl Theodor Dreyer Alan Pavelin reviews his career
The Bleak World of Bela Tarr
Elizabeth - Film and History   Reviewed and evaluated by Howard Schumann
In Search of Shakespeare    Documentary reviewed and evaluated by Howard Schumann
The 10th Milano Film Festival runs from 16 to 25 September 2005
Mixtape Nominated for 2010 BAFTA Award by Jamie Garwood NEW!

Much Ado About Something - Who Was The Real Shakespeare?
Obituary for Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni  by Alan Pavelin
Othello: A Look At Two Film Versions  by Howard Schumann 
Everybody Is A Star In Cannes   Jaap Mees' visit to the 2002 film festival
Pitching At Cannes 2003 James D Young's film festival trip
First Features From Sweden
Fortean Fellini
The Genius of Andrei Tarkovsky
"Is this darkness in you too?" The Thin Red Line examined
Long Future for Future Shorts  Jamie Garwood looks at a new scheme to show short films
The 45th Regus London Film Festival
The Times bfi London Film Festival 2003 Alan Pavelin reviews 6 from the festival 
The 49th London Film Festival 2005     Alan Pavelin reviews the festival
The Times BFI 50th Film Festival 2006 previewed by Jamie Garwood 
The Times BFI 50th Film Festival 2006 reviewed by Alan Pavelin 
The Times BFI 51st Film Festival 2007 previewed by Jamie Garwood
The Times BFI 51st Film Festival 2007 reviewed by Alan Pavelin 
The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival 2008 reviewed by Alan Pavelin
The Times BFI 53rd London Film Festival 2009 reviewed by Alan Pavelin
The 54th BFI London Film Festival 2010 reviewed by Alan Pavelin  NEW!
Beautiful Man Wins TCM Classic Shorts Competition at 2003 London Film festival

The New Europe Film Season  Alan Pavelin reviews this film tour of the UK 
Prague on Film
The 17th Raindance Film Festival in London 2009 reviewed by  Gail Spencer
London 2010 Raindance Festival Films reviewed by Jamie Garwood  NEW!
A Riveting Filmmaker Jacques Rivette celebrated

Eric Rohmer Alan Pavelin looks at the career of this great film-maker
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2004 reviewed by Jaap Mees
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2006 reviewed by Jaap Mees 
16th Dublin Film Festival: Passion, warmth and knowledge
Somebody Stole All Our Auteurs  Jamie Garwood wonders if there are any film auteurs left
Sound in the Films of David Lynch by Shaun McDonald
Three Old Masters
Two Films by Krzysztof Zanussi reviewed by Alan Pavelin 
Two or Three Things I Know About Her
Two Polish Epics  Andrejz Wajda’s Pan Tadeusz, and Jerzy Hoffman’s With Fire and Sword (Ogniem i Mieczem) are reviewed by Alan Pavelin
Unwatchable Robert Castle argues that some films are totally unwatchable

British Cinema and Directors
Alfred Hitchcock
Carry On Ealing Carry On and Ealing films compared
Celebrating Alfred Hitchcock
Bond Age Man The James Bond phenomenon
The Death of the British Hero
Genre and Stars in Notting Hill by Emma Farley NEW!
Hard, Fast and Beautiful: Ida Lupino
The Lavender Hill Scam
Family and Love in The Stars Look Down and Brief Encounter 
Never Compromise Says Mike Leigh
I'm Not An In-Your-Face Film-Maker Michael Radford interviewed by Jaap Mees

A Star For Our Times
Annie Hall
Crunchy Nut Porn Flakes   Rishi Vaja has some new movie merchandising ideas
Genre and Stars in Notting Hill by Emma Farley NEW!
Jar Jar Binks Says The Funniest Things What if Jar Jar escaped Star Wars? Warning - rude words are in this article. 
Our Man Quint Robert Shaw was the quintessential Quint or was he?
Peter Kay Live At The Manchester Arena, DVD and jokes.
Top Ten Romantic Comedies by Emma Farley
The War Between Men and Lemmon Jack Lemmon films considered by Darren Slade

America Stoned: JFK
Are You a MAD Person?
The Beast Inside Presley
Blood Horizons Adrian Gargett looks at Western movies 
Critical Reactions
Dark Visions Part 1: What Price Glory?
Dark Visions Part 2: The Tiny Glass World
Gay Movie Icons Len Bourret looks at his favourites
Girls on Film
Hollywood Censor stayed 'Stumm for the Mob!'
Hollywood Gets in a Twist: Fight Club and Sixth Sense
Hooray For Hollywood
Howard Hughes - The Movies and the Image  Alastair Lyon looks at his film legacy
1001 Beauty Tips for Robert Redford
Morgan Creek Nigel Watson interviews Brad Luff, President of Production at M.C. 
Mickey Machine Gun Is Back! Steven Gerard Farrell, M.A., assistant professor at Greenville Technical College 
looks at the return of the Irish American gangster to the silver screen NEW!
Oscar Reflections
Reel Fiction
Shakespeare in Hollywood
States of Paranoia
George Stevens – An Icon of American Culture Alastair Lyon provides an appreciation
Still "Warmer Than May" Len Bourret pays tribute to filmstar June Allyson
Twisted Fifties
Westerns Celebrating 100 years of Westerns from 13 to 19 October, 2003. on TCM 
Who Is The UK's Favourite Cowboy?
Why I Shall Not Be Seeing The Passion of the Christ    Alan Pavelin 
Billy Wilder


Drowned Out An Interview With film-maker Franny Armstrong
William Christopher - M*A*S*H’s Father Mulcahy.
Real Life Heroes: Mike Farrell
Andrei Tarkovsky:  Profound, Majestic and Mysterious. An Interview with Layla Alexander Garrett by Jaap Mees
Peter Keleghan - Aliens Walk Among Us Jen Johnston talks to star of Made in Canada and The Red Green Show
Morgan Creek Nigel Watson interviews Brad Luff, President of Production at M.C. 
David Marciano talks about Due South and other things
David Marciano and a Sad Ending
The Boy Next Door - Dean McDermott Star of Due South interviewed by Jen Johnston
Invisible Films An  interview with Rachel Millward and her women's filmmaking group by Jaap Mees
Anthony Minghella Interviewed by Jaap Mees
BMW and Tomorrow Never Dies
From Crown Court to Backbeat Ian Hart Interviewed by Carol Allen
The Grandmother of New Wave Agnes Varda Interviewed by Carol Allen
Innovation and Classics Jaap Mees talks to David Sin Programmer for the ICA
It's Like A Theme Park Without A Heart Mike Figgis Interviewed by Carol Allen
An  interview with Koutaiba Al Janabi by Jaap Mees 
The Film Critics: Derek Malcolm Interviewed by Jaap Mees
You've Got To Laugh Brenda Blethyn Interviewed by Carol Allen
I'm Not An In-Your-Face Film-Maker Michael Radford interviewed by Jaap Mees
The Smouldering Man - Callum Keith Rennie Interviewed by Jen Johnston
Robert Robertson: Composer and Filmmaker Interviewed by Jaap Mees 
Seeing With Snake Eyes Kurt Russell Interviewed by Carol Allen
Jimmy Sangster: Man of Horror Interviewed by Nigel Watson 
The Magic of Realism  Part One of an interview with John Sayles by Carol Allen
Canadian Icon: Steve Smith Jen Johnston Speaks to another star of The Red Green Show


SF and Horror

                      Within Night of the Living Dead and Jackie BrownAngel of Lies Controversy surrounding Marlon Brando and an 'Angel' film. On the Magonia Website.
Are They Listening? Belief in aliens sells space missions, research projects and films.
Blood Relations:The family in Cape Fear and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

The City of Pain - Alphaville
Curse of the Middlebrows Hammer Films, Critics and Audiences
Different Views of Steven Spielberg
Ericsson Gives Cyber Heroine Lara Croft The Power
Flying Saucer Visions
Fortean Fellini
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Critique of Nightmare on Elm St Movies
Gauche Encounters   Bad films and the UFO Mythos by Martin Kottmeyer
The Good, the Bad, and the Wretched Some movies are so bad they should be rated 'C' not 'B'
A Last Summer Vacation - Part One An extensive look at E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
An Impossible Picture
King Kong: An Entertaining Monster
Lara Croft’s Vital Statistics
Look Back in Disappointment
Meeting The Aliens  A Science Museum and Fox TV project 
Racism Within Night of the Living Dead and Jackie Brown
Two Views of 2001
A Space Odyssey in Minehead
Seeing Things How early movies have influenced UFO, alien and flying saucer 'visions'
She's Back in Alien 3
Smearing the urban: The politics of Metropolis
Space Bug a Boo Boo
Spawn of Inseminoid
Sweets For The Sweet
Violence and the body in contemporary action and horror films by Anne Jerslev

Theory and General Topics
5 tips for creating a great home movie
Long Live Bollywood
Julio Medem and Auteur Theory  considered by Joan-Lluis Ramisa
Caprice Bourret: Her Dream and Passion  Len Bourret profiles the super model 
Born In A Trunk Len Bourret remembers his home town movie theater
Boys’ Town Film criticism and reviewing reassessed by Richard Armstrong
Film Censorship - Some Notes   Nigel Watson looks at 6 aspects of film censorship 
A Film Guide Guide
First Public Film Show By the Lumière brothers on 20 February 1896
To Many Edits Or Not Enough? Alan Pavelin looks at editing in relation to Russian Ark
Film Polls How accurate are they?
French/U.K. Cinema Debate
IMAX NASCAR 3D     Racing cars on film by Andrew Lydon
My First Digital Film
One Europe - Separate Cinemas?
Open Day at Warwick University     Nigel Watson returns to film and lit. 
Madagascar PEZ sweet dispensers are out now 
Of Time and the Cinema
Largest DVD Rental Service In Europe screenselect launched in November 2003
Qflicks Online DVD Rental Service Launched in December 2003
Three Documentaries: The Quantum Activist, Collapse, and The Edge Of Dreaming reviewed
Dan Schneider
Titillating Russ Meyer    Nigel Watson isn't impressed by Meyer

Top Ten Movie Chases Rishi Vaja lists his top ten movie chases

Wrestling DVDs  Fighting for your attention


How I Screwed Up At The Richest Pitch In The World   Mike Slawomir Cecotka tells how his TV proposal went pear-shaped
Plagiarism Or Coincidence? Was the script of Magma stolen by Hollywood?
Rejection Letters: How to cope with the rejection of your screenplay
Taking the Screenplay Seriously
Where's The Story?   Barry Dubber thinks stories are more important than flashy effects
We’re Writers, Not Sheep British scriptwriters are nice. Discuss
Screenwriter's Web Column  Resources and information for scriptwriters

The Jaap Mees Column
and at
Jaap Mees Column

Screenwriter's Web Column

Young Voice of Beer

Technology, Computer Games and Software
Cash on the Cutting Room Floor
Tony Byers argues that the full use of sound and film catalogues is essential to moving with the digital times. 
Digital Magic  The Moving Picture Company uses Nexsan technology for movie sfx
Things to Look For in a Digital Camcorder – Some Thoughts
The End of Cinema?
New Ergonomic Mouse
Captain Scarlet: Retaliation   PC game
Growing Up and Keeping Safe an educational CD-ROM for children 
Xperian Plus home
                      entertainment system.Kingdom Hearts Disney's interactive game for PlayStation 2
Launch Of Plymouth Media Partnership
Pinball Tycoon For Game Boy® Advance and Game Boy® Advance SP
Tron 2.0 New interactive PC CD-Rom based on the original 1982 Tron film
3D Prophet 9800 Pro Hercules graphics board for PC gamers
3D Prophet 9600 Pro with Vietcong(tm) Hercules graphics board for PC gamers
The Return of the King Video Game
Review of Thrustmaster Gamepad
Ulead MediaStudio Pro 7.0 professional video editing software for your PC 
Ulead VideoStudio 7 entry-level video editing software for your PC 
Xperian Plus   Home entertainment computer system 
Xploder The ultimate game'cheat' system for PlayStation 2, Xbox or Gameboy Advance






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