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To celebrate the launch of Madagascar the movie, which went straight to number 1 in the UK film charts, well above Spielberg's War of the Worlds,  the PEZ sweet-and-toy-in-one creator has gone to the heart of the African jungle to bring you a tasty new range of Madagascar PEZ* characters.

Hitting the big screen on July 15th, the animated film, from the same creators of Shrek and Shrek 2, sees a group of civilised Central Park Zoo animals embark on an unexpected adventure into the wild.  Away from blissful captivity the gregarious gang are shipwrecked on the exotic island of Madagascar.  Here they must learn how to survive and discover the true meaning of the phrase "it's a jungle out there".

Get your claws into the limited addition PEZ* set which includes Gloria the beautiful and independent Hippo, Marty the adventurous Zebra and privileged wannabe star of the jungle, Alex the Lion.

Add Madagascar to your range of 'Coolest Collectables on the Planet' and start collecting the 3 new limited edition PEZ* heads from ASDA, Tesco, Woolworths, Poundstretcher and many other stores at a price of 99p for the dispenser and 59p for a 6-pack refill. 

Don't forget, if you're big on gadgets and you haven't got a PEZ* head then you should do!  The funky sweet dispenser, invented back in 1927, has been positioned 98th in a list of the top 100 gadgets ever.  Though I should note that my children seldom have the patience to actually load their PEZ head, they simply gobble up the sweets straight from the packet! Past PEZ* heads have included animated TV and movie characters including The Incredibles, Mr Bean, Sponge Bob and Star Wars.

*        Only available for 12 weeks from June 2005

*    During June - August PEZ* refills come in sour watermelon, sour apple, sour pineapple and sour blue raspberry flavours.  
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