Pinball Tycoon

For the Game Boy® Advance and SP platform

Nigel Watson

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Ignition Entertainment Ltd, a worldwide publisher, developer and distributor of entertainment software has launched a range of games for the Game Boy® Advance platform.  A total of nine games have been released all with a very aggressive recommended retail price point of £14.99 inc. VAT.  Each title is also the perfect companion for the Game Boy® Advance SP console.

Pinball Tycoon - Play Hard, Win Big...

Pinball Tycoon.Four themed tables await those who have a quick eye and an even quicker finger. Dig for gold in 'California Gold Rush', strike oil in 'Black Gold', become a movie millionaire in 'Hollywood Mogul', and win big in 'Golden Chance'. Each table presents a different challenge for up to four players.

Have you got what it takes to become a Pinball Wizard?

Pinball Tycoon is now available in leading retail outlets and on line stockists.

For Game Boy® Advance and Game Boy® Advance SP
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