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www.qflicks.co.uk - revolutionising the way we rent movies

Qflicks, a new online DVD rental company, launches today (12 December, 2003) with the largest DVD collection in Europe and a mission to change the way we rent movies.  Out go rental frustrations, late fees and limited choice, in come unlimited DVDs, chosen online and delivered free direct to your door.  

The Qflicks experience is designed to be enjoyable and hassle-free.  It is best described as a revolving library which means that once you have watched a DVD, all you have to do is put it back in the post and the next title in your rental queue will be sent out to you straight away.  

As a subscriber to Qflicks you really can rent as many DVDs as you can watch, and keep them as long as you want with no late fees.  This allows a bit of impulsiveness without feeling a film has been wasted money.  It is also great for film buffs and budding Jonathan Ross's because it is a much easier way to get hold of foreign, independent and other hard to find films. 

Qflicks has also developed 'Q', the most personalised service on the market.  'Q' is like having a friend that works in a movie store recommending DVDs you will enjoy.  It combines factors including your previous rentals and the ratings you have given them, and even the actors involved, to suggest further DVDs you might like.  You can use this to develop your very own rental queue of titles that you want delivered.

How it works, step-by-step:

  • Visit www.qflicks.co.uk and sign up for a subscription starting from £2.50 a week
  • Choose the list of DVDs you want to rent, we call this list a rental 'Q' 
  • The DVDs will be delivered to your door the next day
  • Qflicks pays all package and posting so all you pay is your subscription - there are no hidden costs!
  • Simply return the films by post once you have watched them, using the prepaid Qflicks envelope that is supplied with your DVDs
  • More DVDs from your rental 'Q' will be sent to you the next day for you to enjoy.
Qflicks' members also become part of a community.  They can write and share DVD reviews on the site, access critical opinion on films and read plot summaries.  

Roy Gunter, CEO of Qflicks, says: "Qflicks is about changing the way we get our entertainment. Our members enjoy Europe's best choice of titles, the convenience of free delivery, control over what and when to watch and unparalleled customer service." 

Mike Sharpe, managing director of Qflicks, says: "We firmly believe there will be a shift in how people rent DVDs.  Companies like Blockbuster set a deadline for return, and charge per movie.  The problem is that they are not keeping up with people's lifestyles.  It is not always possible, or convenient, to return a film to the shop after a night or two and it is unfair on the customer that these companies should be making money from late fees.  

"Qflicks aims to eradicate all this, placing the power, and the decision-making, entirely with our customers.  We offer more DVDs than anybody else and unbeatable technology to make the whole experience more personal to each and every user."

Qflicks Ltd. is a privately funded company with British, European and American investors, and a proposition that has been built on a proven business model already enjoying much success in the US.  Qflicks utilises a state-of-the-art subscriber portal and CRM platform built by a world-class technology team.  

Each month, Qflicks adds 300 new titles to its collection, with the goal of stocking over 20,000 DVDs by the end of 2004 and, ultimately, every DVD published in Europe.  
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