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Emily Bruni, Rik Mayall and Michael Maloney.Thrustmaster's 360modena Upad Force is a handy gamepad that plugs into your computer's USB port. Software to run it is supplied on a CD-ROM, which I found very easy to install. 

For years I have played - mainly driving games - on my PC using the keyboard and you get used to merrily tapping at the keys to send your racing car straight into the scenary. After plugging it in it is, at first, rather strange to operate but after a few minutes you soon get used to it and you begin to wonder why you never got one before. 

So far I have had no problem using it with the games on my computer. Sometimes you have to select its use in the options menu of the relevant game's software other times it can be used automatically. It's often a matter of trial-and-error.

My young children have started using my computer for playing games and they even find this gamepad easy to use and operate. They like it because they can play against each other - one uses the gamepad whilst the other uses the keyboard.

There are 8 D-pad buttons, and 12 programmable quick action buttons. You can also switch on or off the force feedback mode - this is good on some race games but on others it just vibrants in your hands in an irritating manner. You can mainly use the two analog contollers on the pad to accelerate, brake and steer objects like racing cars in games. So it gives you plenty of options.

Altogether an excellent package for those who don't want to go the whole hog of buying a steering wheel and pedals but who do want to enjoy playing computer games when they get the opportunity. I would write more but I'm having too much fun.
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