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Barry Dubber

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As a story writer can anyone tell me where the story has gone to in the movies, as all we get these days are special effects and plotless storylines. There are some gems around, but the industry doesnít even notice them.

Continental cinema has always been good, but films used to be diversified into different genres, now all the studios can do is pay homage to them by churning out terrible remakes of cinema classics, instead of making original stories from new writers. Itís time to get rid of the dross and those writers who are past their sell-by-date.

Where are the comedy chaos, comedy adventure, romcom, or controversial stories tackling the issues certain people donít like head-on? Where are the light dramas, the thrillers that make sense, or stories from history? These are just some of the genres that could be tackled instead of the rubbish we presently get. We need more continental and less American gung ho movies.

Special effects can in no way take the place of stories nor should they be allowed to, or tolerated, especially in mainstream cinema.

Comedy actors are far better in serious roles in my view than serious actors because of the traits in their personalities. People like Ryan, Hudson  and others in independent productions have the promise of being future film stars, but no oneís paying attention.

Itís not like youíre never going to see your favourite actor in another comedy, because you are, but they should be given leverage to star in other types of movies as well. This would help challenge their abilities and emotions and give more movie-going pleasure to all concerned.

British film is made for awards not for the cinema audience. Most British films are rarely seen in British cinemas unless they are American financed and distributed.

Movies should be about what the public want to see and enjoy, not stories from people who have no sense of reality, who live in ivory towers and who only want to win awards. Thatís not what the cinema is about .

Itís time the story made a comeback. There are always going to be special effects movies but they should not run the show. People want films to have a decent story, but thatís not going to happen unless the industry starts listening to people. We can only take so-much dull, bland, contentless rubbish.

Cinema can tell harmless fictions but it is also an art form that can also be used  in a more serious manner. It can tell stories that can inspire us to get out of the rut of  pandering to the lowest-denominator, caveman attitudes in our society.
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