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Before heading to Hollywood for the highlight of the World Wrestling Entertainment calendar, the WWE SuperStars of SmackDown! must first make it through No Way Out! As the last event before WrestleMania 21, No Way Out 2005 offers an insight into what to expect from the biggest and best in sports entertainment and will be available to own on DVD and VHS from the 6th June 2005.

Headlining No Way Out 2005 is the first ever barbed wire steel cage match between WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield and The 7-foot, 470 pound Big Show. JBL is chokeslammed through the mat from the top rope but still manages to crawl under the ring and back into the match whilst The Big Show tries to break the padlock off the door holding the steel cage closed. 

The opening match of the evening is the WWE Tag Team title bout between Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and The Basham Brothers. With the Bashams getting off to a good, solid start its an innovative tag that picks up the pace for what proves to be a classic example of wrestling and WWE drama.

Preceding the final bout is the Cena vs Angle match, the winner of which will become the #1 contender for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 21. Cena held his own against the established gold medallist with the help of his new top-rope legdrop and slam variation and renowned F-U. 

Other matches include Undertaker vs Luther Reigns; Booker T vs Heidenreich and the Gauntlet Elimination match for the Cruiserweight title between Chavo Guerrero, Paul London, Akio, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley and Funaki. Special features include a bonus match, talent promos, backstage interviews and the Fozzy music video.

No Way Out 2005 will be available at £17.99 on DVD and £14.99 on VHS at all good stores from 6 June 2005 or at www.silvervision.co.uk, the official UK WWE Video and DVD web site. 

DVD                                                     VHS
Catalogue Number:  WWE1107   WE355
Release Date:   6th June 2005      6th June 2005
R.R.P:    £17.99                                 £14.99
Running Time:   182 mins             162 mins
Certification:   15                              15


This is a journey through the careers of the most feared tag-team in wrestling history, The Legion of Doom, comprising of none other than legends, Hawk and Animal, who "snacked on danger, and dined on death" for two decades. They dominated professional wrestling and immortalized themselves as the only team ever to hold all three major titles, WCW, AWA and WWE.

It will be available to own as a double DVD from 20th June 2005, at only £24.99, brought to you by Silver Vision.

This double disc special begins with the Legions debut in the early 80s and takes you through the most memorable bouts right up to the tragic death of Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand in 2003.

The DVD boasts six hours of footage including four hours of special features such as matches from NWA Championship Wrestling in 1983 to WWEs 1997 RAW bouts. The renowned Jim Ross and Animal offer exclusive commentary for the DVD that has been described as brutal, commanding and unforgettable. It also contains a special tribute to Hawk with interviews, promos, music video and much more.

Road Warriors will be available at £24.99 at all good stores from 20th June 2005 or at www.silvervision.co.uk, the official UK WWE Video and DVD web site. 

Catalogue Number:  WWE1119 
Release Date:   20th June 2005 
R.R.P:    £24.99 
Running Time:   TBA 
Certification:   TBA 
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