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Computers are getting out of the office and are now being integrated into or built as home entertainment systems for all of us to enjoy in lots of different ways. Hi-Grade are leading the way with their new lifestyle Xperian computer range.

The new Xperian Plus, Hi-Grade's latest addition to the Xperian family of computers is now supplied with Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center. This all new operating system is the perfect partner for Hi-Grade's all-in-one home entertainment system.

Xperian Plus home entertainment system.Hi-Grade's Xperian range of home entertainment PCs combine radio, TV, CD, MP3 and DCD playback with DVD/CD recording, as well as having the usual internet browsing, e-mail and computer gaming functions. 

With the addition of the XP Media Center and an enhanced TV/FM tuner, featuring MPEG-2 hardware, the Xperian Plus delivers excellent picture quality, even whilst running another application in the background.

Xperian Plus home entertainment system.Housed in a smart 'lifestyle' silver-and-black unit, the Xperian Plus incorporates a high-luminance 17" flat-panel LCD display and integrated echo-box style speakers. It is controlled by a colour co-ordinated silver wireless keyboard and mouse. It's audio-visual functions can be operated by a handheld remote control unit. This allows the user to pause live TV and rewind, so you'll never miss that crucial goal in a football match, or that cliffhanger in your favourite soap.

TV can be digitally recorded with one-touch through the on-line Electronic Program Guide, which displays what's on for up to two weeks, and with a further click an whole series of a show can be recorded. At the touch of another button you can instantly burn DVD recordings of the programs you have recorded.

The top-of the-range Xperian Plus 1700-2660 has a 120 Gbyte hard disc and costs £1399 excluding VAT.
The Xperian Plus 1700-2400 has a 80 Gbyte hard disc and costs £1149 excluding VAT.

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