Dir. G Venugopal. India. 2011.

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5 ters is a poorly executed live action animation film projected in 2D and 3D.  The makers claim that the film has more than 85% digital effects and seamless integration of VFX and live action . But the experience of it does not match it's pre-release publicity.  The film is meant for children but the language and the intellectual jargon used to highlight the fight between good and evil, is quite incomprehensible-even for an  adult. The story is simple- kids out on a picnic encounter a light source which to them appears to be alien. The alien appears to be seeking their help and the curious kids follow the light and meet up with the main source who seeks their help to vanquish the dark master. For this they will have to infiltrate the castle and destroy the huge diamond which is the source of the dark master's all encompassing power. The story which attempts to  explore  the ill-effects of global warming while supporting the need to save the environment , simply fails to make sense.

The animation sequences are quite inept and the action looks too contrived and unrealistic. The good versus evil drama could have been far more interesting  and captivating if the animated characters had more sophistication in design. The  technique looks far too basic to generate awe. Even so, the film draws out strong enough emotions with the child actors doing their fair bit to engage. A little bit more vitality, color ,definition in animation and seamlessness in rendering could have made all the difference in overall enjoyment. But that was not meant to be I guess!

Rating:  *  

Johnson Thomas

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