Dir. Sagar Bellary. India. 2011.

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If anyone expects a ‘Bheja Fry’ from this second edition then he sure has his head screwed-up the wrong way. In fact it  almost seems like Sagar Bellary, the director of the epoch making cult hit was trying to cash-in on it’s brand without having any sort of script to complement the greed driven effort. The result is a drab, overblown, dismally plotted attempt at comedy that even the Television honchos primed by their own mediocre sitcoms, would dismiss without a second glance..The memorable Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak)i back again but his second coming is not as memorable. In fact this time round he fails to drum-up  even a single laugh.

The irritating simpleton , an income tax officer, has just won a TV show called ‘Aao Guess karein’ and as part of the bumper prize that includes a cheque drawn out for Rs 25 lakh(minus t.d.s) , he gets to go on a cruise. Ajit Talwar (K K Menon) a sly businessman is also on the cruise trying to evade detection by the income tax authorities. The stage is thus set for a lot of confusion. Sitcom- like situations abound. The attempt at humour is flat and unyielding. It’s really not amusing to see an actor of Vinay Pathak’s calibre hamming it away to glory without much support from the fellow actors, writers or the director. The plot is silly. There’s no wit or intelligence in the writing and the supple chemistry between the lead players as exhibited triumphantly in the first edition, is sorely missing. Even the timing in the beleaguered comic set-pieces is all wrong. The light touch exhibited by Sagar Bellary in the epoch making first edition, is sorely missing from the second. The scenes are heavy laden, the writing is pedestrian, the dialogues are far more irritating than funny, the pace is too slow and the narrative appears quite unwieldy. This one is a real head banger!

Rating:   *  

Johnson Thomas

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