Directed by Deepa Mehta. Canada. 2002.

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Bollywood/Hollywood. All Rights Reserved.At the Atlantic Film Festival I had the good fortune to screen a number of films not yet commercially released. I had that luck based on a promise that I wouldn’t fully review those features until their release dates. My complete reviews will be posted at that time, but until then I can provide you with paragraph descriptions of those movies. Here is my second entry....

Bollywood/Hollywood is an absolutely wonderful musical. Chronicling the story of a culture clash in the quest to find romance it has all the spirit of a better class of Pretty Woman.  The dialogue is fantastic, the song and dance numbers are expertly performed, the onset colours and costumes made from swirls of vibrant colours, and the moments of romantic tension are marvellously delicious.(Causing more then one audience member to yell out variations on the helpful theme of “KISS HER YOU IGNORAMUS” and so forth.) The zest of Bollywood/Hollywood is so infectious that I’m still humming the songs a week after seeing it. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Jen Johnston
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