Directed by Sam Raimi. US. 2009.

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Christine Brown (Lohman) is ambitious L.A loan officer with a decent boyfriend Clay Dalton (Long). Life is good until the mysterious Mrs Ganush (Raver) arrives at her bank and begs for an extension on her loan only to be refused.

Shamed and embarrassed the old lady places a powerful curse of the Lamia on Christine.

Haunted by evil spirits Christine has only three days to reverse the curse and get her life back before eventually being dragged into hell.

Director Sam Raimi goes back to the genre that he once ruled and makes a good old fashioned horror flick, there is a kind of homage to classic 80’s horror movies like Evil dead and Thinner, but the scare factor is so intense that it will leave you crushing your partners hand and literally jumping out of your skin.

With often very funny moments it’s good to see one of Hollywood’s hottest directors who has recently hit the screen with the Spiderman franchise returning to what he does best. Scaring the bejesus out of us.

With a cast of that wont win any Oscars , awards must go to Alison Lohman for scream queen of the year, boy she has some lungs and spends half the movie screaming the house down, whilst Lorna Raver is just plain scary as evil gypsy Mrs Ganush.

Drag me to Hell is a Horror film in the classic sense, don’t expect arty dialogue amazing special affects and classic soundtrack but do expect to be scared to hell.
Danny Parker

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