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FALTU is not an original and as a copy it’s pretty dismal. Borrowing liberally from the recent Anupam Kher, Ashish Vidyarthi  dud called ‘Admissions Open’ which in turn seems to have garnered inspiration from the Hollywood film ‘Accepted,’ this is  one film which  doesn’t even have a clue as to what it wants to say. Is it debunking the existing education system? Is it promoting a utopian concept of all inclusive education or is it just a   film produced by a loving parent who wants to see his son’s name shining in the arclights. The latter option seems to be the closest to the truth. Choreographer Remo D’souza debuts  as director of this plotless, witless and totally undramatic,  extremely loud and unbecoming film appropriately titled FALTU. At least they got the title right. A more appropriate moniker would have been hard to find.

The screenplay/story by Mayur Puri and Tushar Hiranandani is totally ridiculous. Rietesh(Jacky Bhagnani), Pooja(Pooja Gupta), Nanj(Angad Bedi) and (Chandan Roy Sanyal) are best of friends. The former three fare equally badly in their exams while the latter does phenomenally well. The former do not get admission in any college while the latter gets the cream-a seat in the prestigious  St Peter’s College. So what do the three fools do? They rope in their friend Google bhai (Arshad
Warsi), a fixer of sorts to set up a college for them. Overnight a dilapilated haveli gets transformed into a college acronym F.A.L.T.U, a website is up and running and a dummy principal(Ritesh Deshmukh) is also in place. Google bhai apportions junior artists to play the students but instead real students who have been rejected by other colleges turn up. Traversing the ‘admissions open’ route the colleges up and running with digital video lecturing and students choosing the kind of subjects they want to learn. But recognition is not forthcoming as UGC representative (Akbar Khan) becomes the stumbling block. In a ridiculously  ham-handed development the FALTU team put up a dance performance which wiins them a three year provisional reprieve from Education Minister Chakraborthy(Mithun). The story truly boggles the mind and the performances fail to pass muster. Given that the film was being directed by a choreographer turned director, one would have expected some really groovy dance numbers. But except for the climactic sequence the dance is pretty much pedestrian. The music though has quite a bit of verve. But that too is a problem because the film begins to resemble one long never-ending MTV dance/music  video. And it’s not an attractive picture to sit through at all! God save us from such loving fathers!

Rating:  * 

Johnson Thomas

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