Rise of the Silver Surfer

Directed by Tim Story. US. 2007.

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It seems every summer is a summer of comic-book movies and/or sequels of comic-book movies.  Not to say I am upset to see a sequel to the Fantastic Four of 2004, which surprisingly was a sprightly looking, comic feel movie that was short in comparison to other blockbusters (about 90 minutes) and treated the material with cheeky humour full of puns and witty asides by the characters and the situation they find themselves in.

It is a few years after the last film finished and weird metrological happenings are occuring on Earth which coincide with the marriage of Reed Richards (Gruffaud) and Susan Storm (Alba) also known as Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Girl.  On the eve of the big day the US government ask the Four to find out what is going on, so Human Torch/Johnny (Evans) and The Thing/Ben (Chilikis) are in tow to find out.  Then the silver surfer appears and with his indestructible power problems insue.  With the possiblity of the planet eating Galactus just days away.  Throw in a returning Dr. Doom (McMahon), how I donít know he was made into an iron statue, you get trouble at every turn.

The film also has a nice undercurrent of the super-heroes possibly stepping away from stardom, shirking their responsiblity and start a family and be normal.  It attempts some serious notes amongst the comic moments.  And it is a funny film for a comic book movie, not laugh out loud wet your pants funny but still it makes you laugh and allows you to realise that this is science-fiction, if a character can laugh at the situation then why canít we.

The acting is not great from a singular person but as a group the four have a great chemistry helped by the special effects team which are first rate as expected.  Whereas there is a feeling of uncertainty about the future of Spider-Man, these four will be wanting to keep going on and on, which (bad pun alert) is fantastic news. 

Jamie Garwood
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