Dir. Kolton Lee. UK. 2010.

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Set in the dog eat dog streets of London, where only the strongest survive, with the love and passion for basketball comes this no hold bars British urban flick ‘FREESTYLE’ directed by Kolton Lee.

Brit Urban newcomers Arinze Kene (Leon Chambers) and Lucy Konadu (Ondene Marchant) star against each other in this gripping drama that brings two people from worlds apart together in this twist where love conquers all through Basketball.

Ondene, a young A* student, studying for the dream to get into Oxford, with everything going for her, a highlife lifestyle, a best friend who’s by her side no matter what and a career driven mother backing her up every step of the way…Its past the school gates that she soon realizes what she is missing and what stands before her, something that could change her life forever…

Leon, brought up in a life where nothing is ever stable, not knowing what is going to happen next and where his future lies. His passion for basketball, his one love, soon proves it could help him achieve something his peers never believed was possible…!

With a superb soundtrack featuring underground tracks from the very best in the UK Grime scene, selected by the one and only, Bashy.

With one who has it all and the other who has nothing, the stakes are high..When an NBA sponsored competition comes into town, Ondene and Leon come face to face on the court only to realize they are both fighting for the same dream…Seeing so much to life, loving and enjoying it all, they pull together to create the perfect match against each other…

When their two lives crossed paths, deception and lies came into play, only to work together and strive for the best, not stopping and letting anything get in their way…

This film is a definite must see for basketball lovers and bookworms alike. One to make you realize what’s important in life and that no matter where you come from, the dream is always achievable…With great camera angles, high view shots, and capturing the very best of our London streets, director Kolton Lee and writer Michael Maynard bring you this court smashing hit, a must see for 2010!
Sunny Nersian

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