Dir. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. U.S.A. 2013.

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To begin with I was quite dubious about watching Frozen, it looked like the typical Disney fairy-tale aimed at little girls with the prince rescuing the beautiful princess however I couldn’t have been more wrong. Before the film there was a short Mickey Mouse cartoon called ‘Get a Horse’ which involved Mickey trying to save Minnie from Peg-leg Pete which was really exciting to watch visually because the classic black and white cartoon characters burst through the screen and became 3D colour animated characters in the modern day.

frozen.Frozen is set in village called Arendelle and the two main characters are princesses Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) who are sisters. Elsa possesses a special power which enables her to turn anything to ice or snow so she is forced into a life of solitude as her powers get stronger. The scenes that follow are heart-breaking because Anna sits outside Elsa’s room everyday singing ‘do you want to build a snowman’ but there is never a reply. 

Thankfully the tragedy doesn’t last very long and there’s much excitement and amusement when it comes to Elsa’s coronation. Anna is extremely excited to leave the castle and she is a very lovable character because she’s so quirky and down to earth unlike her sister who’s constantly troubled about her powers. Anna soon bumps into the ‘love of her life’ that seems like the male version of her: clumsy, quirky and the youngest sibling so they appear to make a great match. Despite this it seems very predictable that as soon as she leaves the castle she finds her prince and then lives ‘happily ever after’.

Elsa’s powers are soon exposed but this is a great turning point in the film since it meant that she could finally be herself and stop hiding away.  This gives out a valuable message to children and adults alike that they should never be afraid of showing who they really are no matter what anybody thinks of you. Though, I must admit that I was quite disappointed that she didn’t get in more trouble than she did because there was a huge build so it felt like a slight let-down that she got away.
Elsa isn’t the most likeable character, she can seem quite cold (pardon the pun!) but Anna brings out the best in her and makes her likeable. It’s great how independent and headstrong Anna is in finding her sister, she asks the Prince to stay and look after the castle while she braves the arctic temperatures to go on a mission. This really subverts the traditional gender roles; the princess usually has to stay in the castle while the prince embarks on a quest and saves the day. The bond between the two sisters beats any Disney romance because even when there’s a man involved we’re given the message that blood’s thicker than water which makes it stand out from so many other Disney films.

Olaf the snowman is absolutely brilliant; he brought a lot of comic relief to the film and was just so cute. Even though he’s only the sidekick he’s very memorable and had me laughing A LOT which is always the sign of a good film!
This film has it all, heartbreak, comedy, catchy tunes, action, drama, impressive visuals and girl power! Sisters are doing it for themselves…

Adrienne Watson

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