Abhinay Deo. India. 2011.

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I expected a slick high-concept espionage thriller but what I got instead was the same old ghisa-pita badla aur jaydaad ki ladaai.  That angle is obviously as old as the Bollywood film itself. And even the shifting locales- Thailand, Istanbul, India, UK , Greece, can do little to perk-up the convoluted narrative that veteran actor Ramesh Deo’s son Abhinav Deo has fashioned for the audience.

Kabr Malhotra(Anupam Kher) is the millionaire puppeteer who sends out calligraphed invites to four people living in different corners of the globe. Kabir bids and the four come running to his private island, Samos.  It so happens that  Kabir’s daughter Maya (Sarah Jane Dias) was ruined by three men- human trafficker Ramsay(Boman Irrani) , drug peddler Neil Menon(Abhishek Bachchan) and sizzled bollywood actor Vikram Kapoor(Jimmy Shergill). But the next day Kabir commits suicide and the mystery deepens inexorably. The story gets further convoluted when an investigator (Kangna Ranaut) enters the fray and Menon suddenly realises that he was in love with Maya and would love to avenge her death.  An exasperating set-up followed by precious little exposition and one incredible development after another. You are bound to be surprised by the incredible logic employed to justify the most annoying nonsense. The actors are substandard and the direction though slick and glossy looking, lacks a sense of direction. Also there is no tension in the film. The characters are also not worth caring about. So why bother?

Rating:  *  *

Johnson Thomas

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