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The Slates Are Clean Gossip Lovers - But Not For Long...

Older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser as Gossip Girl: Complete Season Three
launches on DVD from 16th August 2010.

New York’s sexiest socialites are back for another salacious round of secrets and scandal as the racy third season of Gossip Girl launches on DVD from 16th August 2010.

 Bigger, better & sexier than ever, Serena, Blair and the rest of the Upper East Side clique are back from their summer holidays and heading to university to embark upon the next chapter of their glamorous lives, which involves rubbing shoulders with a host of glitzy guest stars including Hilary Duff, Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks.

While high school may be behind our beloved and grown-up socialites, a future of love, jealousy and secrets awaits them at university. The new golden couple, Chuck and Blair, have to face some hard tests as they come to terms with their new ‘in a relationship’ status in their typically unconventional way, while both Nate and Serena and Dan and Vanessa ask themselves whether you can ever be ‘just good friends’ with the opposite sex as they test the boundaries of their friendship.... And Little Jenny isn’t so little any more as she settles in to her new role as Queen Bee of Constance Billard.
As ever, the trials and tribulations of the Manhattan rich list is told through the eyes of the all-knowing and acid-tongued anonymous blogger – Gossip Girl - who is determined to uncover and fuel every scandal possible via a constant string of avidly-read blogs and text messages.
As the series draws to a close, will Chuck finally get what he wants with his grand gesture to Blair and is tragedy set to strike the beautiful Manhattan clique once more? Don’t miss the explosive conclusion of Gossip Girl: Complete Season 3 as it launches on DVD from 16 August 2010.
The Complete Third Season is also available to download from:

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