Directed by Mitchell Lichenstein. 2009.

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This comedy drama stars Parker Posey (Scream 3, You’ve Got Mail, Blade, Trinity, Superman Returns); Demi Moore (A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, Disclosure); Rip Torn (Men in Black II, The Man Who Fell to Earth) and Ellen Barkin (The Big Easy, Sea of Love, Switch).

Jayne (Parker Posey) and Laura (Demi Moore) are daughters who return home to look after their increasingly cantankerous and senile father
, Joe (Rip Torn).

Laura is the responsible one who wants to provide Joe with fulltime care, whilst the more carefree Jayne ignores his worsing condition. As they try to sort out this situation they have to come to terms with their various recollections of their childhood and the way their own lives are leading.

There are certainly some very surreal touches to this film, that jerk you from the usual expectations of this type of homecoming story. Joe even has a girlfriend, Shelley (Ellen Birken). She openly admits that she is with him for anything he can offer, and goes out at night to work as a 'nurse'. Birken shines as this mad minx of a woman who who is uncomplicated and unconcerned by the fears and memories of Joe's daughters.

It is a fascinating story of the complexities and twists of family life, that eventually turn into quite literally 'happy tears'. It might not have been a hit at the box office but it does show that Demi Moore can act.
The comedy drama ‘Happy Tears’ is released by High Fliers on rental and retail DVD.
‘Happy Tears’ has a 15 (TBC) certificate and a recommended retail price of £ 12.99. 
Catalogue number is HFR0128.

Nigel Watson
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