Directed by Anthony Landis. US. 2008.

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In the land of Malaria ruled by evil scientist lives Igor (Cusack) a hapless lab assistant whose only job is to pull switches and quote ‘ yeth Masthter’ but Igor has other plans and dreams of winning the evil annual science fair.

Seeking the help of his previous creations Brains (Hayes) and depressed suicidal rabbit Scamper (Buscemi), Igor creates Eva a monster that’s not quite what he hoped, the only problem comes in the shape of fiendish Dr Schandenfreude (Izzard) who plans to steel Eva and use her as his own creation and take over the throne.

A clever twist of a Frankenstein comedy spin-off that works really well.

Igor has the sense of a kind of Tim Burton style animated movie but more for kids.

Not much of a plot nevertheless the kids will love it.

There are some great characters like the suicidal sarcastic rabbit scamper who provides most of the films jokes and evil Dr Schandenfreude voiced by a brilliant Eddie Izzard. But it’s the lovable Igor that gives this film its ahhh factor.

Verdict - a good family animation that kids will love.   
Danny Parker

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