Dir. S. Manasvi. India. 2011.

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The Rajshri’s have once again resorted to their time and tested sweetly cloying formula for their latest, ‘Love U... Mr Kalaakar’ – andthis despite the blink and you miss disaster called ‘Isi Life Mein. ’ The characters are the same in every Rajshri  film. There may be a few variations here and there in their behaviour but the overall picture remains the same.  Here a struggling artist Sahil (Tushar Kapoor) meets sweet and pretty lil rich girl Ritu (Amrita Arora)  and before you can say cheese, they are in love and want to meet the parents.  Sahil lost his parents in an accident a few years ago so it’s a no show there.

Ritu’s father(Ram Kapoor) is the boss of the company that Sahil freelances for. Sahil meets Mr Magnate to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage but Ritu’s father is not impressed at first glance. A second chance is given and Saahil is challenged to prove his capabilities as a Managing Director. He has to increase the turnover of the company if he wants to win his lady love.  A Rajshri hero would never run away with the girl so Sahil gets down to proving his mettle, impresses his father-in-law-to-be and  wins his girl too. After that he goes back to being a kalaakar! So what’s your point Mr Barjatya? Promoting  Family values and ethics  are all very well but what about the struggles within?

S Manasvi is credited with the screenplay and direction but it’s anybody’s guess that Sooraj and team would have had a strong  hand at doctoring the script to make it look  like it came right out of a sugar factory.  The film is old-fashioned, clichéd and riddled with unreal characters. The candy coloured  tones, sterile atmosphere,
ingratiating  run of play and pretentiousness inherent in the narrative spiel makes for uninteresting viewing. Amrita Rao looks pretty and naive, Tushar works at his sincerity diligently , Ram Kapoor (bursting out of his seams) makes us believe in his love for his daughter and Madhoo who essays his unlucky-in-love widowed sister,
 looks well tended.  It’s the look and not the performance that matters in a Rajshri film. The superficial always has a higher value here. It’s high time they realised that sugar-coated fantasies have little purchase with today’s audience!

Rating:  * *

Johnson Thomas

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