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Waterloo Road is a hard-hitting school drama that began life on the BBC in 2006. Since then it has attracted audiences of 6 million viewers per episode.

It is set in a Rochdale comprehensive school and follows the complicated lives of the teachers and pupils.

Series 5 is the best series yet, as it has a fine mixture of stories that cover important issues with a touch of comedy. The new boy Finn Sharkey (Jack McMullen) causes lots of trouble with his rebellious nature, and there is a near riot drummed up when some pupils are being hot housed for Oxford University. Grantley, a teacher of the old school variety, casts a grumpy eye at the 'new' ideas and PC attitudes of his colleagues, and there is a brilliantly funny running story about a lesbian relationship between two of the teachers.

Many issues, such as obesity, are tackled and woven into the storylines, which keep Waterloo Road a seething cauldron of drama and intrigue. Life here at the chalk face (or white board) makes you glad that school is a distant memory - for some of us anyway!

Special features include: out takes, deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, Waterloo Road Cribs & subtitles.

Title: Waterloo Road – Series Five Spring Term
3 Disc Set
Certificate: 12
Release Date: 27 September 2010
Cat No: AV9804
Running Time: 534 mins. approx.
RRP: £24.

Nigel Watson
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