Anime Poster Art

Japan's Movie House Masterpieces

Introduction by Patrick Macias.
DH Publishing Ltd. Pbk. 160 full-colour illustrations. 112 pages. Indexes. $19.95.

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Anime Poster Art.Anime is a form of animation that was created in Japan in the 1970s. Not having the resources of Disney or other American companies Japanese anime uses less action or effects than their rivals. Movements of their characters tends to be stiff and awkward so they prefer to feature machines, robots, super heroes and villains or human characters in space suits to hide their lack of fluidity. Many of the stories are derived from comic books (manga) and are made for TV or straight-to-video. In the West anime has become popular through the Pokemon TV series and Akira (1988) film (see Virgin Film: Comic Book Movies ). The style suits the use of CGI (Computer Generated Image) technology and it has inspired Western shows (like The Powderpuff Girls).

Anime Poster Art celebrates the sheer exuberant artistry of anime by illustrating some of the best productions in their original Japanese format. The book has chapters on Super Heroes, Leading Ladies, Robot Wars, Spaced Out, Fantasy Trip, Tall Dark Strangers, Retro-Specs and Studio Ghibli, which each use illustrations from 12 or so anime features to accompany the text.

This is a stunning visual introduction to the fantastic world of anime that will please established fans and intrigue the uninitiated.

For more details go to the DH Publishing website.

Nigel Watson
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