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The sheer scale of the material, and its constant change and flux, on the world wide web means that even a rough guide to film web sites alone would be a major project. 

To save much trial and error and fruitless search engine browsing we will reference web addresses that contain useful lists of links.

I was going to list every link used in the rest of this site but that is likely to be more trouble than it is worth, instead we will list URLs that are a useful starting point for researching a particular film/star/topic. If we have articles on a particular subject (e.g. Jack Lemmon) we will put additional URLs there.

We would also like to share our own favorites/bookmarks here.

If you have recommendations or would like to review or list suitable (or even unsuitable) sites, please email them to me now. If you run your own site feel free to send me your details, in return for a reciprocal mention of course!

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Recommended General Sites

Free Spirits is the web site written and run by long-time Talking Pictures contributor, Jaap Mees. Stylishly designed by dothtm, it features film, book reviews, and articles about directors and films Jaap respects. Quality, passion and itegrity are the virtues Jaap extolls and tries to achive in his own film projects.

Internet Movie Database
IMDB is the king of movie databases (as fas as I know) it contains plot summaries and credits for more than 100,000 films and has 1.5 million filmographies and biographies of filmmakers. A good place to start any research.
An online dvd movie store. Wholesale Movies enables you to buy your favourite dvd movies online.

This is a film review and comment blog that also has plenty of links to other interesting sites. The reviews cover latest releases like The Hulk and they pull no punches. Certainly worth a visit.

Mad Cornish Projectionist's Website
Contains everything you need to know about projecting films from the technicalities to career opportunities.
Covers film, music, books, etc.
Reviews cultural topics.

The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television
Contains reviews and information about exhibitions, workshops and screenings at this superb film centre based in Bradford.
This site tells us all about Paul Mould Publishing, which was formed to publish the definitive reference books for the cinema, written by Paul Mould. When completed the Mould's Movie Careers reference books will consist of four volumes. The volumes detailing the careers of over 8,000 actresses and over 3,000 directors are already printed. Two volumes detailing the careers of over 16,000 actors should be completed by 2005. You can order these volumes at the site.

South West Screen is the Regional Screen Agency leading the development of film, television and digital media in the South West. A useful resource for filmmakers and filmmaking in the South West of England. Contains latest news of events and grants, links, plus a comprehensive crew and services database.

FilmMakers com
Film festivals, events, news, reviews and resources for filmmakers. is based on the free flow of information and knowledge sharing. You can even submit your log lines here.

Movie Magazine International
This is a weekly, U.S. nationally-syndicated radio program which features movie reviews, film festival reports, star tributes, weekly trivia contests, ticket giveaways, and interviews with directors and actors from yesterday and today.

The Greatest Films
An awesome website by Tim Dirks that reviews in detail classic American movies and their stars.Tim also supplies plenty of references (print and on-line) to find out more.

Future Movies
A neat and well-designed site that contains reviews, information on filmmaking, scriptwriting, great directors and a forum for discussion.

A community website that showcases the artistry of independent filmmakers. Contains short films and animations plus downloads for the video streaming software to view them.

IAC Online
Website of IAC The Film & Video Institute for all the latest on amateur film, video and AV.

Unofficial UK FilmSocs
For film society news and contacts. 

Film & Media Resources Website
Film-Media-Resources produces curriculum resource packs for teachers of English, Media, and Film Studies. Contains useful links, information and news.
Despite their name they don't just cover UK films, it provides Hollywood film news, reviews, features, galleries, polls, competitions and more. Very clear and well-designed pages that are up-to-date and have plenty of links to further information - no adverts either!
Describes itself 'as a somewhat haphazard and pronouncedly idiosyncratic sharing of matters cultural'. Covers art, architecture, dance, theatre and books as well as film and television. Lots of film reviews as well as video recommendations and features. Has art house orientation but as can be seen by it's blinking vulture logo it's cells are not all grey.

Audience Magazine
Carries informal commentary on film. In 1968, Audience began reflecting on old movies while reviewing new ones. Entirely on line since 1998, they’re still at it.

The Site of Movie Magazines
When you visit this site the sheer variety and number of film-related magazines is staggering. It can be browsed by country, language or genre. A bit slow to use but worth the wait.

Hollywood Outsider
Is a movie review, criticism and humour fanzine read (since 1997 and counting!) by film-fans everywhere - they say. It is adding 400 reviews from its archives along with new reviews.

Contains links to 38,885 film-related websites (as of March 2002). Covers such categories as films by title, film festivals, film schools, film writing, online scripts, actors/actresses and lots more. Surprisingly easy to use and uncluttered.

netribution Film Network
Over 2,800 links to film companies, funding bodies, statistics, film review sites, festivals, film related products, equipment and services, organisations. Includes features and film theory essays, news and a forum. Easy to use and a good starting point for any research.
The magazine for independent, arthouse and world cinema. Full of lots of reviews and stimulating articles and interviews. In Jan. 2002 they posted an exclusive interview with Paul Verhoeven, discussing his body of work from The Fourth Man to, er, Showgirls. Updated every Tuesday. An excellent site.
UK tv advert music and movie soundtrack database. Find, request or buy all those tracks you hear on the television.

David Macdonald's Movie Reviews
Contains a good range of reviews of old and new movies and even considers TV series like Fawlty Towers and Upstairs Downstairs.

The CineFiles
It goes where other reviewers fear to tread. Neatly designed and up-to-date.

Film Horizon
Mainly contains reviews of films and videos from 1999 onwards, but they are adding reviews of older films. 

Film In Focus
Specializes in film criticism of classic movies. Contains long articles on film noir topics plus there are useful links to related sites.

Canadian site contains essays on Eisenstein, Wenders road films, feminism and horror, Iranian movies and interviews with Leonard Maltin, Italian cinematographer Guiseppe Lanci, the Brothers Quay, Belgium actress Natali Broods and lots more. 

MonkeyBoy Online
Half-man half-monkey movie reviewer created by Dr Zeus - nothing unusual about this then. Impresive site considering its mutant origins.
Movie Reviews for Normal People, By Normal People! Movie Reviews, Posters, Games,  Jokes & More. 

The Z Review
Says it's the only movie site you need and that it's the UK's hottest movie site. Z Review certainly has plenty of features including trailers, DVD, news and has a professional layout and easy navigation. Nearly as hot as Talking Pictures...

Excellent resource for news and articles about Black film stars, directors and movies.


Bright Lights Film Journal is a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political. A prime area of focus is on the connection between capitalist society and the images that reflect, support, or subvert it -- movies as propaganda. Published quarterly.

Movie Promotions
Provides news about latest releases, short reviews and competitions. Through its Movi-Mail system it can email subscribers high quality video clips without the need for attachments or sophisticated technology.

Movie reviews and features from a UK perspective. A very clear and easy to navigate site with plenty of reviews.

Movie Headlines
Movie news, on-line comment, reviews and downloads.

Film 100 ranks the top filmmakers from the early days of cinema onwards. It has an unusual widescreen format and features full biographies of the top 100 people. Sounds gimmicky but this is one of the most original, intelligent and useful movie websites I've seen for ages.

Cinezine is an easy to navigate internet cine magazine, very comprehensive and good fun.

Film-Philosophyis 'A journal and discussion salon promoting a philosophical review of cinema, Film-Philosophy combines original review articles with email response and also exists as a portal to the best new writings and other links from around the web.' An excellent site to look for in-depth discussion and argument.

Images publishes articles about movies, television, videos, and other popular visual arts. Images is a quarterly journal, but they add new articles and reviews every week. They have 'In Focus' features on Western movies, Film Noir, exploitation cinema and reviews.

The Astounding B Monster
An amazing and certainly absolutely astounding collection of interviews, reviews, filmographies devoted to every type of B-movie you care to imagine - rocket jocks, monsters, brain movies, vampires, sci fi sirens, the list goes on. Fab stuff.

Spliced Wire
Has reviews of the latest US releases, hot trailers, interviews, features, films in production, links and archives back to 1995 and beyond. Reviews are given ratings and are quite critical. An easy to navigate and well-presented site.

The bfi publishes books, restores and distributes movies, offers educational services and is the resource centre for film culture in Britain. The site covers news and features about the bfi. It's monthly magazine Sight and Sound is also available online...

The BFFSBritish Federation of Film Societies is a national body which promotes voluntary film exhibition and represents the interests of film societies in the United Kingdom. They help the organisation of film societies, publish a quarterly magazine Film, and do other support activities.

BoxOffice Online
Contains reviews of the latest releases and news about and previews of films in the works. A section called "Classic Reviews" includes critiques of 75 classic titles spanning the decades from 1931's "City Lights" to 1993's "Jurassic Park." A "Review Archive" contains reviews for more than 900 films released since 1995. 

The Movie Review Search Engine
A vast index and search engine of movie reviews using internet-based sources. All reviews are linked to the Internet Movie Database. 

TV Guide Movie Database
Combines The Motion Picture Guide, Cinebooks's huge 23-volume reference, and Ephraim's Katz's Film Encyclopedia, this searchable database includes the cast, credits, awards won, and reviews for more than 30,000 movies released in the U.S., plus filmographies and biographical information on thousands of filmmakers. Along with current reviews, film industry news, features and interviews, and video charts are featured. 

Roger Ebert Movie Reviews
Ebert's reviews of films dating back to 1985. He also selects his 'Great Movies' of all time.

Gourmet Cinema
Independent films are reviewed in the Gourmet Cinema.

Shill's Video Movies Titles Screens Page
It is a cumbersome title for a site with an intriguing if rather off-beat goal. It contains, in alphabetical order, screen captures of the title screen of old and new movies. There are 1583 title images here so far (up to Jan. 2002). It's creator Steven Hill says: 'Browse and admire title and logo designs, check out the differences in multiple releases of the same title (see Aliens or Invasion of the Body Snatchers for a good example)'. Very interesting to see the sheer variety of titles used but it takes you dangerously close to train or bird spotting!

DVD OnLine and Rental Services

UK DVD Rental Services
Qflicks and screenselect are two new DVD rental services that have been launched in the UK.  See more about these services on our site at:
screenselect launched in November 2003
Qflicks launched in December 2003 
There are also two other similar services: launched in January 2000
Video Island

Launched in July 2000 DVDLink enables people to find DVD related web sites easily, without using the general search engines and getting dead links. Includes latest DVD news. reviews top movie download websites and ranks them according to their popularity and ease of use - Ranks and reviews all 38 UK rental-by-post companies so you can pick the best  -   Is a great resource directory for everything you need to know about DVD

For an excellent selection of chart and budget DVDs check out:
An online dvd movie store. Wholesale Movies enables you to buy your favourite dvd movies online.

Action and Thriller Movies

Bond 20
This provides news of the current production of Bond 20 plus other Bond related material, interviews, pictures and downloads. A must for Bond fans.

LifeDrivers Inc.
A professional stuntman offers free tips and secrets to people who are curious about stunts, the stunts profession, and how to successfully perform stunts in the movies and television. Seems devoted to selling So You Wanna Be A Stuntman, but if you use the search box there is a massive listing of links to other film websites.

Silent Movies and Stars

Lili Damita
Lili Damita was born Liliane Marie Madeleine Carré on 10th July 1904 in her mother's house in Blaye, 45 km north of Bordeaux. she is remembered at all, it is as the tempestuous first wife of Errol Flynn, or as the mother of the ill-fated Sean Flynn. But Lili Damita was far more than a wife and a mother. Gerry Connolly tells us more about her and provides an excellent filmography.

Harold Lloyd
Contains a biography of this comedy star, plus news, a look at a different Lloyd film every month and plenty of other information.

Silent Era
Contains extensive information about DVD, video releases, screenings, festivals, exhibitions and books about silent movies. Does a top 100 of silent movies currently topped by Sunrise (1927).


Douglas Adams

Floor 42
Fans of Douglas Adams website. Includes forums, news and links.

Jack Lemmon films

Jack Lemmon - The Golden Years
Links to  Jack Lemmon related resources including filmographies, biographies, and photo galleries. An excellent resource.

Includes detailed filmographies, images and sounds of Western cowboy stars - from Tom Mix and John Wayne to rather surprisingly Jack Nicolson and William Shatner.

Science Fiction

Sci-Fi Movie Page

Screen Memories
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Science Fiction Film and the UFO Mythology.
By Mark Pilkington.
This unofficial site contains up-to-date news about Spielberg's films and productions. Contains essays and information about most of his output and aims to be a complete database.

The British Home of Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy Movies!  This major site features a huge database of film titles, films and memorabilia to buy, reviews, features, top 100's and profiles. Plenty for everyone with a very vibrant design.

Forest Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
The most famous horror film fan of many a long year hits the web.

Hammer Web
The official Hammer Film Productions Ltd website. Contains news of releases, interviews, and archives. Enough to satisfy the demands of most Hammer Horror film fans.

Midnight Marquee
Publisher of horror and exploitation genre books. Titles cover Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, English Gothic, Dracula, Hitchcock and Frankenstein, plus magazines on these topics. This site provides illustrated reviews of each book and ability to order them.
The internet source for hard-to-find, low price cult movies. Covers other genres besides horror movies.

Universal's Online Horror Channel
The studio that has given us so much horror provides its own official tribute.

Video Watchdog
Guide to fantastic video.

Television and Media

International Federation of Television Archives

Classic Television.

Broadband steaming of U.S. television classics.

Media Visions Journal
Articles, essays and interviews by media journalist Ken Freed about new media and the social effects of interactivity itself, featuring the essay 'Deep Literacy' and the ebook Global Sense

All the latest soap opera news

Special TV Resources
A constantly updated and extensive list of TV-related links. Has A to Z guide to sites devoted to particular TV shows, also links to General TV sites, magazines, books, actors and networks. US biased.
UK tv advert music and movie soundtrack database. Find, request or buy all those tracks you hear on the television.

TV Tome
TV Tome has over 650 complete guides covering almost all the current shows and many classics. There's also an additional 1200+ guides that are partially complete or under development. The site also features credits, information and some biographies of over 90,000  TV actors, writers, directors and producers. US biased but easy to use and they welcome new editors and contributors to add to their guides.

Memorable TV
Formerly TV Chronicles. Has A to Z guides to Canadian and Australian TV programmes, guides to British fiction, sitcoms and comedy. There are British TV location guides if you want to see where your favourite series is shot, plus material on soaps, talk and game shows. A massive and easy to use resource.


Critical Writing Online
Contains full-length papers by students at Queen's University Film Studies. Here are some good examples:
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: A Look at its Impact on the Film Industry
Revenge of the Killer Genre: Pulp Fiction

Here you will find archived articles from past issues of FILM COMMENT. They are now posting both samples of back issues and individual articles. Very handy for finding interviews and features on independent and Hollywood filmmakers.

The Journal of Cult Media. The first issue, Spring/Summer 2001 contains Which is the best Doctor Who story? and Beyond the Final Frontier: Star Trek, the Borg and the Post-colonial along with articles on 3rd Rock, Buffy and a slew of reviews. Now you can have an intellectual reason for still having that plastic model of the USS Enterprise hanging from your bedroom ceiling.

Jump Cut
For long time this was a print journal. Looks at popular film culture with an analytical and left-wing, feminist perspective, but don't let that put you off.

Screening the Past
An international, refered, electronic journal of visual media and history. Based at La Trobe University, Australia. Issue 13 looks at 'Women, Autobiography & New Media'. Covers new releases, re-runs and classics.

Is an entirely free online journal of film studies edited by staff and students within the Institute of Film Studies at the University of Nottingham. Promotes as wide a range of approaches and critical methodologies as possible.

Senses of Cinema
An online film journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.

Contains the Virtual Script Workshop with links to script resources and UK funding agencies.
List of UK agents that represent screenwriters compiled by Jen Govey.

The Script Factory
Very useful site for UK scriptwriters. Through it you can subscribe to the daily Shooting People email bulletins.
Internet Movie Script Database - Movie scripts free for reading and downloading.
Publishes general writing news and news of events, competitions, and what's on where, in addition to a growing list of reviewed writer-relevant websites. They update on Saturdays.

For more information about scriptwriting visit our Screenwriter's Web Column

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